wait-for-them 0.3.1

Waits for TCP ports to be opened
wait-for-them-0.3.1 is not a library.


Waits until all provided host and port pairs are opened. It is written using async rust.



There are currently two way how to install the app.

You can install the binary only with a minimal subset of features.

cargo install wait-for-them

Or you can install it with all its features (including the nice progressbars).

cargo install wait-for-them --all-features


Wait forever

wait-for-them host1:port1 host2:port2

Wait with timeout (in miliseconds)

wait-for-them -t 5000 host1:port1 host2:port2

Note that it returns a number of unopened host:port combinations. So if it worked ok it returns standard 0.

Execute a command after all hosts have opened ports

wait-for-them host1:port1 host2:port2 -- cmd arg1 arg2

Note that if the ports are opened it returns the status code of cmd.


The main motivation of this program was to use it within docker-compose config file (see docker-compose.yml). To support waiting for multiple hostname:port records in parallel.