uniui_core 0.0.4

Basic structures like Signal and Slot for uniui_* crates familiy

The create provide basic functionality required for uniui_* crates family.

If you are looking information for uniui then the best place to start is (???)[???]


The crate inspired by Qt's signal/slot system. [Signal] can emit data and [Slot] can be connected to the [Signal] to receive data. There is few new concepts like [SlotProxy] and [Property] as well.

There is important difference between uniui and Qt's signal/slots system. [Slot] doesn't activate any peace of code (function/method/etc.) by itself. Instead it have to be pulled from the receiver side (via [SlotImpl::next] or [SlotImpl::last] or etc.). Usually it'll be done by [uniui_gui::Application]'s event loop. Please take a look at [uniui_gui::UWidget] or [uniui_gui::UObject] for slot processing simplification.