unbytify 0.2.0

Convert units of digital information from string into the numeric equivalent and the other way around

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Unbytify - Rust library to parse and represent digital units

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Unbytify converts KiB, MiB, etc. into integer and the other way around.

Sometimes people call this humanization.

In your project

In Cargo.toml:

unbytify = "0.2"


In your main.rs:

extern crate unbytify;
use unbytify::*;

fn main() {
    assert_eq!(unbytify("1.5K"), Ok(1024 + 512));
    assert_eq!(bytify(1024 + 512), (1.5, "KiB"));


Most of the useful documentation can be gotten using rustdoc.

Check it out on docs.rs/unbytify.


Unbytify project is licensed under Apache-2.0 license.