typed-headers 0.1.1

Typed HTTP header serialization and deserialization.
Build #154546 2019-04-15T23:14:55.736777+00:00
# rustc version
rustc 1.35.0-nightly (474e7a648 2019-04-07)
# docs.rs version
cratesfyi 0.6.0 (54fff31 2019-04-12)

# build log
Updating crates.io index
Downloading crates ...
Downloaded typed-headers v0.1.1
Fresh version_check v0.1.5
Fresh fnv v1.0.6
Fresh itoa v0.4.3
Fresh libc v0.2.51
Fresh num-traits v0.2.6
Fresh byteorder v1.3.1
Fresh iovec v0.1.2
Fresh time v0.1.42
Fresh num-integer v0.1.39
Fresh unicase v2.3.0
Fresh bytes v0.4.12
Fresh base64 v0.10.1
Fresh mime v0.3.13
Fresh http v0.1.17
Fresh chrono v0.4.6
Documenting typed-headers v0.1.1
Running `rustdoc --crate-name typed_headers /home/cratesfyi/.cargo/registry/src/github.com-1ecc6299db9ec823/typed-headers-0.1.1/src/lib.rs --cap-lints allow --color never -o /home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/doc -Z unstable-options --resource-suffix -20190407-1.35.0-nightly-474e7a648 --static-root-path / --disable-per-crate-search --extern-html-root-url 'base64=https://docs.rs/base64/0.10.1' --extern-html-root-url 'bytes=https://docs.rs/bytes/0.4.12' --extern-html-root-url 'chrono=https://docs.rs/chrono/0.4.6' --extern-html-root-url 'http=https://docs.rs/http/0.1.17' --extern-html-root-url 'mime=https://docs.rs/mime/0.3.13' -L dependency=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps --extern base64=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps/libbase64-04b35ce955422dd7.rmeta --extern bytes=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps/libbytes-91f9217f199cfb06.rmeta --extern chrono=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps/libchrono-86290edba4225280.rmeta --extern http=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps/libhttp-43188736e1ca9fd8.rmeta --extern mime=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps/libmime-589bc6799885e7ca.rmeta`
Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 3.83s


typed-headers's sandbox limits

All the builds on docs.rs are executed inside a sandbox with limited resources. The limits for this crate are the following:

Available RAM 3 GB
Maximum rustdoc execution time 15 minutes
Maximum size of a build log 100 KB
Network access blocked
Maximum number of build targets 10

If a build fails because it hit one of those limits please open an issue to get them increased.