try_default 1.0.0

A trait to optionally get the Default if present, or None if there is no Default.
# TryDefault

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A _'try'_ version of `Default`, where it returns an `Option::Some` wrapping the default value when present.
It returns `Option::None` when there is no `Default` available.

You can in theory call this on any type to retrive it's Default, if there is one!

use ::try_default::TryDefault;

// Set to `Some(0)`.
let default_num = <u32>::try_default();

// Set to `None`, as `::std::fs::File` has no `Default`.
let default_file = <::std::fs::File>::try_default();

## Notes

 * Requires nightly for `specialization` feature.
 * Is possibly the world's most pointless crate. But it's here if you need it!