trust-dns 0.1.1

TRust-DNS is meant to be a drop in replacement for BIND9, and be a safe and secure DNS server and client failed to build trust-dns-0.1.1
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trust-dns Build Status

A Rust based DNS client and server, built to be safe and secure from the ground up.


  • Build a safe and secure DNS server and client with modern features.
  • Use Threads to allow all code to panic! and fail fast, without taking down the server.
  • Use only safe Rust, and avoid all panics with proper Error handling
  • Use only stable Rust
  • Protect against DDOS attacks (to a degree)
  • Support options for Global Load Balancer functions
  • Build in a nice REST interface for managing server?


WARNING!!! Under active development! Do not attempt to use in any production systems.

A note on sockets, this client is only using Rust stable, socket options are currently feature restricted. This means that the Client is very dangerous to use at the moment because it will wait forever for a response from the server.

In progress:

  • Support original (minus unused) RFC 1035 specification. Client is complete, all requests should work

Todo: Server...


  • Why are you building another DNS server?

Because I've gotten tired of seeing the security advisories out there for BIND. Using Rust semantics it should be possible to develop a high performance and safe DNS Server that is more resilient to attacks.