treerite 0.1.0

Rust binding for treelite runtime ( failed to build treerite-0.1.0
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TreeRite: TreeLite runtime in Rust CI

This binding currently works for treelite 1.0.0rc1


  • Make sure your machine has cmake, libstdc++ and libgomp installed.
  • Add this to your project's Cargo.toml.
    treerite = { git = "" }

By default, the treerite library is static linked to your binary. If you'd like to use the dynamic lib, set the dynamic feature of treerite.


There's no documentation available yet. But you can take a look at the example folder and the tests folder. The usage should be quite straight forward: you first load the Predictor from a shared library of the model. Then, load the data from Vec or ndarray::Array2 into DMatrix. Finally, you do prediction using Predictor::predict_batch(dmatrix).


  • TreeliteDMatrixCreateFromCSR
  • TreeliteDMatrixCreateFromFile