toml 0.4.10

A native Rust encoder and decoder of TOML-formatted files and streams. Provides implementations of the standard Serialize/Deserialize traits for TOML data to facilitate deserializing and serializing Rust structures.
Build #138779 2019-01-23T17:37:36.449014+00:00
# rustc version
rustc 1.33.0-nightly (c2d381d39 2019-01-10)
# version
cratesfyi 0.6.0 (1a20968 2019-01-11)

# build log
Updating index
Fresh serde v1.0.85
Documenting toml v0.4.10
Running `rustdoc --crate-name toml /home/cratesfyi/.cargo/registry/src/ --cap-lints allow --color never -o /home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/doc -Z unstable-options --resource-suffix -20190110-1.33.0-nightly-c2d381d39 --static-root-path / --disable-per-crate-search --extern-html-root-url 'serde=' --extern-html-root-url 'serde_json=' --extern-html-root-url 'serde_derive=' -L dependency=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps --extern serde=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps/libserde-b94b58ed63e2f284.rmeta`
Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 2.31s