tokio-signal 0.1.5

An implementation of an asynchronous Unix signal handling backed futures.


An implementation of Unix signal handling for Tokio

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First, add this to your Cargo.toml:

tokio-signal = "0.1"

Next you can use this in conjunction with the tokio-core and futures crates:

extern crate futures;
extern crate tokio_core;
extern crate tokio_signal;

use tokio_core::reactor::Core;
use futures::{Future, Stream};

fn main() {
    let mut core = Core::new().unwrap();
    let handle = core.handle();

    // Create an infinite stream of "Ctrl+C" notifications. Each item received
    // on this stream may represent multiple ctrl-c signals.
    let ctrl_c = tokio_signal::ctrl_c(&handle).flatten_stream();

    // Process each ctrl-c as it comes in
    let prog = ctrl_c.for_each(|()| {
        println!("ctrl-c received!");


This project is licensed under either of

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