tokio-kinetic 0.1.1

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A (very early, in-progress) implementation of the Kinetic Protocol on top of tokio-rs. This library is not completed yet! However, if you're still interested, fire up the Java simulator and try experimenting with the example client!

Running the example client

$ git clone
$ cd tokio-kinetic
$ cargo build --example client
$ # Kinetic device (Java simulator, hard-drive, etc) is running on
$ RUST_LOG=debug ./target/debug/examples/client 8123

You should see some debug output from tokio-rs, as well as the frames being sent and received.


In your Cargo.toml,

tokio-kinetic = { git = "" }

In your source,

extern crate tokio_kinetic;

If you have trouble, see the cargo guide.


tokio-kinetic is distributed under the terms of the MIT license. The Kinetic Protocol is licensed under Mozilla Public License 2.0, and so I have included the Kinetic Protocol source repository, which specifies behavior within this library, and is used in a dependency of this library. It is included as a submodule for users to have access to.