test-fuzz 0.1.0-alpha.1

To make fuzzing Rust easy
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  1. Build the cargo-test-fuzz binary and add it to your PATH:
$ cd path/to/test-fuzz
$ cargo build
$ source env.sh
  1. Add the following dependencies to your crate's Cargo.toml file:
serde = "1.0"
test-fuzz = { path = "path/to/test-fuzz" }
  1. Add the following use declaration to a file or module containing potential fuzz targets:
use test_fuzz::test_fuzz;


  1. Find a fuzz target and precede it with the test_fuzz attribute:
fn foo(...) {
  1. Generate a corpus by runnig cargo test:
$ cargo test
  1. Fuzz your target by runnig cargo test-fuzz:
$ cargo test-fuzz --target foo