termbook-cli 1.0.0

`termbook` is a command-line tool to build [`mdbook`'s][mdbook] while executing `bash` codeblocks and collecting their output to become part of the `mdbook`
termbook-cli-1.0.0 is not a library.

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termbook is a command-line tool to build mdbook's while executing bash codeblocks and collecting their output to become part of the mdbook.

This allows to write testable documentation for command-line interfaces.

It came to life for the documentation needs of share-secrets-safely


termbook and termbook-cli - minimal viable product

Termbook will be tested on a high-level comprised mostly of journey tests. The CLI will support

  • building an mdbook
    • It's similar to mdbook build, but with a preprocessor to execute bash scripts and collect their output.
    • this can also be run on CI to not only create the book, but to assure your bash code examples are still working.

termbook interactive and asciinema

Pretty-print (chapters of) an mdbook to the terminal, similar to mdcat, with customizable settings for the speed of printing, and how bash scripts should be 'typed'. The goal is to make recording demonstrations as pretty and informative as the mdbook itself, and make recording that using asciinema easy.

That should make recordings reproducible.

Maintenance Guide

Making a new release

  • Assure all documentation is up-to-date and tests are green
  • update the version in all Cargo.toml files and git commit
  • run cargo publish for the library and the CLI
  • run git tag -s <version>
  • run git push --tags origin master