system-deps 3.2.0

Discover and configure system dependencies from declarative dependencies in Cargo.toml

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system-deps lets you write system dependencies in Cargo.toml metadata, rather than programmatically in This makes those dependencies declarative, so other tools can read them as well.

For now only pkg-config dependencies are supported, but we are planning to expand it at some point.

Users can override dependency flags using environment variables if needed. system-deps also allows -sys crates to optionally internally build and static link the required system library.

system-deps has been started as a fork of the metadeps project.


See the crate documentation.


In your Cargo.toml:

system-deps = "2.0"

Then, to declare a dependency on testlib >= 1.2 add the following section:

testlib = "1.2"

Finally, in your, add:

fn main() {

See the crate documentation for more advanced features.