sysinfo-gui 0.1.17

A cross-platform system-monitoring gui application based on sysinfo and fltk
# Sysinfo-gui


A lightweight cross-platform system-monitoring [fltk]( gui application based on [sysinfo](

The UI design is inspired by [stacer](

The svg icons are taken from: The ascending and descending icons from

The font is Roboto Medium.

## Screenshots

- Dashboard

- Processes

- Cpu

- Memory

- Disk info

- Networking

- Settings

## Features
- Supports window transparency.
- Realtime monitoring.
- End processes by sending a kill signal in the processes view.
- Both dark and light modes.

## Getting the application:

- Prebuilt standalone releases:

These are built using github actions, and can be found here:

- You can use cargo to install the application:
`cargo install sysinfo-gui`

## Building from source:

You can clone the repo and build using:
`cargo build --release`

If you would like to use the bundled version of fltk-rs (for supported platforms (x86_64 windows, macos and linux)):
`cargo build --features=fltk/fltk-bundled --release`

- Support more things in the right click popup menu in the processes view.
- Map uid to User and display a user name in the processes view.
- Add downloand and upload speed.
- Use better colors for the cpus. 
- Add more setting tweaks.