symbolic-common 8.0.4

Common types and utilities for symbolic, a library to symbolicate and process stack traces from native applications, minidumps, minified JavaScripts or ProGuard optimized Android apps.

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Common functionality for symbolic.

This crate exposes a set of key types:

  • ByteView: Gives access to binary data in-memory or on the file system.
  • SelfCell: Allows to create self-referential types.
  • Name: A symbol name that can be demangled with the demangle feature.
  • InstructionInfo: A utility type for instruction pointer heuristics.
  • Functions and utilities to deal with paths from different platforms.


  • serde (optional): Implements serde::Deserialize and serde::Serialize for all data types. In the symbolic crate, this feature is exposed via common-serde.

This module is part of the symbolic crate.

License: MIT