swc_ecma_parser 0.2.1

Feature-complete es2019 parser.
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es2019 parser


Heavily tested

Passes almost all tests from tc39/test262.

Error reporting

error: 'implements', 'interface', 'let', 'package', 'private', 'protected',  'public', 'static', or 'yield' cannot be used as an identifier in strict mode
 --> invalid.js:3:10
3 | function yield() {
  |          ^^^^^


extern crate slog;
extern crate swc_common;
extern crate swc_ecma_parser;
use swc_common::{
    errors::{ColorConfig, Handler},
    FileName, FilePathMapping, SourceMap,
use swc_ecma_parser::{Parser, Session, SourceFileInput};

fn main() {
    let cm = Lrc::new(SourceMap::new(FilePathMapping::empty()));
    let handler = Handler::with_tty_emitter(ColorConfig::Auto, true, false, Some(cm.clone()));
    let logger = slog::Logger::root(slog::Discard, o!());

    let session = Session {
        handler: &handler,
        logger: &logger,
        cfg: Default::default(),

    // Real usage
    // let fm = cm
    //     .load_file(Path::new("test.js"))
    //     .expect("failed to load test.js");

    let fm = cm.new_source_file(
        "function foo() {}".into(),

    let mut parser = Parser::new(session, SourceFileInput::from(&*fm));

    let _module = parser.parse_module().expect("failed to parser module");