sval 1.0.0-alpha.5

A no-std, object-safe serialization framework
Build #342328 2021-01-27T02:15:32.298720+00:00
# rustc version
rustc 1.51.0-nightly (d1aed50ab 2021-01-26)
# version
docsrs 0.6.0 (4c80a04 2021-01-23)

# build log
[INFO] running `Command { std: "docker" "create" "-v" "/home/cratesfyi/workspace/builds/sval-1.0.0-alpha.5/target:/opt/rustwide/target:rw,Z" "-v" "/home/cratesfyi/workspace/builds/sval-1.0.0-alpha.5/source:/opt/rustwide/workdir:ro,Z" "-v" "/home/cratesfyi/workspace/cargo-home:/opt/rustwide/cargo-home:ro,Z" "-v" "/home/cratesfyi/workspace/rustup-home:/opt/rustwide/rustup-home:ro,Z" "-e" "SOURCE_DIR=/opt/rustwide/workdir" "-e" "CARGO_TARGET_DIR=/opt/rustwide/target" "-e" "DOCS_RS=1" "-e" "CARGO_HOME=/opt/rustwide/cargo-home" "-e" "RUSTUP_HOME=/opt/rustwide/rustup-home" "-w" "/opt/rustwide/workdir" "-m" "3221225472" "--cpus" "2" "--user" "1001:1001" "--network" "none" "rustops/crates-build-env@sha256:21f1ed92105a0ef9b0d27ad8bdeb7f36f9f01ac17fffe3a3f3dc5241fc25d8f4" "/opt/rustwide/cargo-home/bin/cargo" "+nightly" "rustdoc" "--lib" "-Zrustdoc-map" "--features" "derive serde fmt test std" "-Zunstable-options" "--config=doc.extern-map.registries.crates-io=\"\"" "-j2" "--" "-Z" "unstable-options" "--resource-suffix" "-20210126-1.51.0-nightly-d1aed50ab" "--static-root-path" "/" "--cap-lints" "warn" "--disable-per-crate-search", kill_on_drop: false }`
[INFO] [stdout] eb5da8d91bb124b5e0a14013343c6ce994817d35fd648b4a7ea6114eb64304ed
[INFO] [stderr] WARNING: Your kernel does not support swap limit capabilities or the cgroup is not mounted. Memory limited without swap.
[INFO] running `Command { std: "docker" "start" "-a" "eb5da8d91bb124b5e0a14013343c6ce994817d35fd648b4a7ea6114eb64304ed", kill_on_drop: false }`
[INFO] [stderr] /opt/crates-build-env/ line 7: /etc/hosts: Permission denied
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling proc-macro2 v1.0.24
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling unicode-xid v0.2.1
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling syn v1.0.60
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling serde v1.0.123
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling quote v1.0.8
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling sval_derive v1.0.0-alpha.5
[INFO] [stderr]  Documenting sval v1.0.0-alpha.5 (/opt/rustwide/workdir)
[INFO] [stderr] warning: could not parse code block as Rust code
[INFO] [stderr]    --> src/
[INFO] [stderr]     |
[INFO] [stderr] 136 | / ```ignore
[INFO] [stderr] 137 | | #[macro_use]
[INFO] [stderr] 138 | | extern crate sval;
[INFO] [stderr] 139 | |
[INFO] [stderr] ...   |
[INFO] [stderr] 145 | | # }
[INFO] [stderr] 146 | | ```
[INFO] [stderr]     | |___^
[INFO] [stderr]     |
[INFO] [stderr]     = note: error from rustc: unexpected closing delimiter: `}`
[INFO] [stderr] help: `ignore` code blocks require valid Rust code for syntax highlighting. Mark blocks that do not contain Rust code as text
[INFO] [stderr]     |
[INFO] [stderr] 136 | ```text,ignore
[INFO] [stderr]     | ^^^^^^^^
[INFO] [stderr] 
[INFO] [stderr] warning: 1 warning emitted
[INFO] [stderr] 
[INFO] [stderr]     Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 15.52s
[INFO] running `Command { std: "docker" "inspect" "eb5da8d91bb124b5e0a14013343c6ce994817d35fd648b4a7ea6114eb64304ed", kill_on_drop: false }`
[INFO] running `Command { std: "docker" "rm" "-f" "eb5da8d91bb124b5e0a14013343c6ce994817d35fd648b4a7ea6114eb64304ed", kill_on_drop: false }`
[INFO] [stdout] eb5da8d91bb124b5e0a14013343c6ce994817d35fd648b4a7ea6114eb64304ed