stm32f3 0.2.0

Device support crates for STM32F3 devices


This crate provides an autogenerated API for access to STM32F3 peripherals. The API is generated using svd2rust with patched svd files containing extensive type-safe support. For more information please see the main repo.


Each device supported by this crate is behind a feature gate so that you only compile the device(s) you want. To use, in your Cargo.toml:

version = "0.2.0"
features = ["stm32f301", "rt"]

The rt feature is optional and brings in support for cortex-m-rt.

For details on the autogenerated API, please see:

Supported Devices

  • STM32F301
  • STM32F302
  • STM32F303
  • STM32F373
  • STM32F3x4
  • STM32F3x8