steam-tui 0.1.2

TUI client for steamcmd.

Steam TUI



Just a simple TUI client for steamcmd. Allows for the graphical launching, updating, and downloading of steam games through a simple terminal client. Methodology informed by steam-cli.


Login with steamcmd first to cache your credentials (don't trust some random app with your passwords):

# Steam> login <user>
# Steam> quit

Launch the binary steam-tui, and rejoice :tada:. Help is in the client.

Unable to launch games? Pressing space will start a bare-bones steam client (no graphics) in the background and will let you launch games that need steam libraries or have some sort of DRM.


steamcmd is required to launch steam-tui, as steam-tui is essentially just a graphical wrapper for this program. wine usage will be attempted if a native Linux game is not found.

Why ?

Because why not? Also, the Steam client seems to break on my Arch build. I have a GT 610, and barely anything graphical works- this is a nice work around.


At this point, I am very much done with the project. I only really play Kerbal and 5 Dimensional Chess with Multiverse Time Travel, so additional work on this project is moot. If you buy me a coffee, I'd be happy to sink some more time into this.

Missing Features

  • Real time download updates #20
  • Real time running game updates
  • Filtering for DLCs etc.. #11
  • Automatic icon downloads #22