stats_alloc 0.1.5

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An instrumenting middleware for global allocators in Rust, useful in testing for validating assumptions regarding allocation patterns, and potentially in production loads to monitor for memory leaks.


extern crate stats_alloc;

use stats_alloc::{StatsAlloc, Region, INSTRUMENTED_SYSTEM};
use std::alloc::System;

static GLOBAL: &StatsAlloc<System> = &INSTRUMENTED_SYSTEM;

fn example_using_region() {
    let reg = Region::new(&GLOBAL);
    let x: Vec<u8> = Vec::with_capacity(1_024);
    println!("Stats at 1: {:#?}", reg.change());
    // Used here to ensure that the value is not
    // dropped before we check the statistics

Custom allocators

Currenty wrapping a custom allocator requires the use of the nightly compiler and compiling with the "nightly" feature due to the use of the unstable const_fn and the fact that the internals of the instrumenting type are not public. If that's fine with you, a custom allocator can be wrapped as follows:

static GLOBAL: StatsAlloc<System> = StatsAlloc::new(MyCustomAllocator::new());