solana-foundation-delegation-program-cli 1.0.2

Solana Foundation Delegation Program Command-line Utility

Solana Foundation Delegation Program Command-line Utility

This utility manages Solana Foundation Delegation Program registrations.


Install Rust from, then run

$ sudo apt install libudev-dev
$ cargo install solana-foundation-delegation-program-cli
$ solana-foundation-delegation-program --version


New participant registration

To register you will need:

  1. Two validator identity keypairs; one for the Solana Testnet and another for the Solana Mainnet
  2. Approximately ◎0.002 to submit the registration

To begin, create your validator identity keypairs by running:

$ solana-keygen new -o testnet-validator-keypair.json
$ solana-keygen new -o mainnet-validator-keypair.json

Keep these keypairs safe; you cannot change them once you submit your registration.

Confirm your balance is not empty,

$ solana -um balance

then run the following command to submit your registration:

$ solana-foundation-delegation-program apply --mainnet mainnet-validator-keypair.json --testnet testnet-validator-keypair.json

Display your registration status

To view the status of your registration, run

$ solana-foundation-delegation-program status testnet-validator-keypair.json


$ solana-foundation-delegation-program status mainnet-validator-keypair.json

Withdrawing your registration

If you wish to withdraw your registration, run

$ solana-foundation-delegation-program withdraw testnet-validator-keypair.json


$ solana-foundation-delegation-program withdraw mainnet-validator-keypair.json

Once withdrawn, your registration is deleted and cannot be recovered.