slurm-sys 0.1.1

Low-level FFI bindings to the libslurm and libslurmdb libraries. failed to build slurm-sys-0.1.1
Please check build logs and if you believe this is' fault, report into this issue report.


This crate provides low-level bindings to the libslurm and libslurmdb libraries associated with the Slurm workload manager.


You must have a working version of rustfmt installed in order to build this crate correctly! To handle the evolving Slurm C API, this crate's build script parses the output of bindgen in a simplistic manner. Without rustfmt, the code is not formatted in a way that the build script can handle.

By default, this crate's build script will use a pkg-config search for slurm to determine the necessary library and include search paths. Not all Slurm installs come with a pkg-config file, however. If that is the case for you, set the environment variables SLURM_LIBDIR and, optionally, SLURM_INCDIR to point to the directories containing the Slurm shared libraries and include files, respectively. In particular, these variables should be set such that the files $SLURM_LIBDIR/ and $SLURM_INCDIR/slurm/slurm.h exist.


Licensed under the MIT License.