sled 0.29.0

a modern embedded database
# Welcome to the Project :)

There are a ton of features and interesting directions this project can go in, and
far more than I can implement on my own in a reasonable timespan. I want to scale out
feature ownership to interested people. See the "plans" section on the main
[README](/ for an overview.

If you would like to help out, but don't know how, I probably have time to mentor you!
The more people I teach about the underlying architecture, the more I realize
certain things can be fixed up, and I have a lot of fun teaching, so you're doing me

Specifically, there are a few areas that I would love external help with:

* better docs: whatever you find confusing!
* performance tuning: this should obliterate leveldb and rocksdb performance.
  if it doesn't, please submit a flamegraph and workload description!
* a better C API: the current one is pretty unfriendly
* generally any new kind of test that avoids biases inherent in the others
* writing a SQL parser

General considerations:

* API changes and additions should begin by opening an issue, and later move to implementation after it's clear that we are interested in changing the API in the proposed way
* all PR's block on failing tests
* all PR's block on breaking API changes (with the sole exception of the emerging C API)
* don't be a jerk - here's our [code of conduct](./