simple-error 0.2.1

A simple error type backed by a string

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simple-error is a Rust library that provides a simple Error type backed by a String. It is best used when all you care about the error is an error string.



To use simple-error, first add this to your Cargo.toml:

simple-error = "0.2"

Then add this to your crate root:

extern crate simple_error;

Now you can use simple-error in different ways:

You can use it simply as a string error type:

fn do_foo() -> Result<(), SimpleError> {
    SimpleError::new("cannot do foo")

You can use it to replace all error types if you only care about a string description:

fn do_bar() -> Result<(), SimpleError> {
    SimpleError::from(std::io::Error(io::ErrorKind::Other, "oh no"))

Or you can chain all the errors, and get a complete error description at the top level:

fn find_tv_remote() -> Result<(), SimpleError> {
    try_with!(std::fs::File::open("remotefile"), "failed to open remote file");

fn turn_on_tv() -> Result<(), std::io::Error> {

fn watch_tv() -> Result<(), SimpleError> {
    try_with!(find_tv_remote(), "tv remote not found");
    try_with!(turn_on_tv(), "cannot turn on tv");

fn study() -> Result<(), SimpleError> {

fn run() -> Result<(), SimpleError> {
    try!(study(), "cannot study");
    try!(watch_tv(), "cannot watch tv")

fn main() {
    if Err(e) = run() {
        println!("{}", e);
// This prints out "cannot watch tv, tv remote not found, failed to open remote file, Text file busy" if the error is text file busy.