serial_frame 0.3.0

Sends byte chunks over a channel, split using given delimiter


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Simple serialport frame reciever, that asynchrounous sends chunks of bytes over an mpsc channel. the chunks are sent with the chosen delimiter.

Can be used to recieve lines over serialports in an asynchronous manner, or to recieve cobs messages, or custom parsing to whatever type you want from the chunks

See the example for an example usage for just receiving lines


use serialport::prelude::*;
use simple_logger;

use std::time::Duration;

use serial_frame::{create_line_sender};

fn main() {
    // Setup the serialport to act on
    let serialport: Box<dyn SerialPort> = init();

    // get a Reciever for strings that all end with a newline
    let (rx, linestop) = create_line_sender(serialport).unwrap();

    // Recieve the lines, stop if timeout
    while let Ok(line) = rx.recv_timeout(Duration::from_secs(2)) {
        // Inspect the received line
        println!("line is: {}", line);
    // This will end the thread if it not stopped
    let e = linestop.stop();
    println!("Stop: {:?}", e);

fn init() -> Box<dyn SerialPort> {

    let mut settings: SerialPortSettings = Default::default();
    settings.timeout = Duration::from_millis(100);
    let baudrate = 115200;
    settings.baud_rate = baudrate;
    let serialport = serialport::open_with_settings("/dev/ttyACM0", &settings).unwrap();