serde_yaml 0.7.5

YAML support for Serde

Serde YAML

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This crate is a Rust library for using the Serde serialization framework with data in YAML file format. This library does not reimplement a YAML parser; it uses yaml-rust which is a pure Rust YAML 1.2 implementation.


serde = "1.0"
serde_yaml = "0.7"

Release notes are available under GitHub releases.

Using Serde YAML

API documentation is available in rustdoc form but the general idea is:

extern crate serde_yaml;

use std::collections::BTreeMap;

fn main() {
    // You have some type.
    let mut map = BTreeMap::new();
    map.insert("x".to_string(), 1.0);
    map.insert("y".to_string(), 2.0);

    // Serialize it to a YAML string.
    let s = serde_yaml::to_string(&map).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(s, "---\nx: 1\ny: 2");

    // Deserialize it back to a Rust type.
    let deserialized_map: BTreeMap<String, f64> = serde_yaml::from_str(&s).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(map, deserialized_map);

It can also be used with Serde's serialization code generator serde_derive to handle structs and enums defined in your own program.

serde = "1.0"
serde_derive = "1.0"
serde_yaml = "0.7"
extern crate serde_derive;

extern crate serde_yaml;

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Serialize, Deserialize)]
struct Point {
    x: f64,
    y: f64,

fn main() {
    let point = Point { x: 1.0, y: 2.0 };

    let s = serde_yaml::to_string(&point).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(s, "---\nx: 1\ny: 2");

    let deserialized_point: Point = serde_yaml::from_str(&s).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(point, deserialized_point);


Licensed under either of

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Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in Serde YAML by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.