seq_geom_xform 0.3.0

Transform/normalize complex single-cell fragment geometries into simple geometries.
## Contributing code

Any code that you contribute will be licensed under the BSD 3-clause license adopted by seq\_geom\_xform.

Code contributions should be made via pull requests.  Please make all PRs to the _develop_ branch 
of the repository.  PRs made to the _main_ branch may be rejected if they cannot be cleanly rebased 
on _dev_.  Before you make a PR, please check that:

 * commit messages should be made using [*conventional commits*] — please format all of your commit messages as such.
 * you've run `cargo fmt` on the relevant code.
 * any non-obvious code is documented (we don't yet have formal documentation guidelines, so use common sense)
 * you've run `cargo clippy` on the relevant code and any issues are either resolved or the PR describes why they were ignored.