sdl2_ttf 0.23.1

SDL2_ttf bindings for Rust


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Rust bindings for SDL2_ttf.


Rust-SDL2_ttf is a library for talking to the new SDL2_ttf library from Rust.

Rust-SDL2_ttf uses the MIT licence.


  • Rust-SDL2
  • SDL2_ttf development libraries
  • Rust master or nightly


Place the following into your project's Cargo.toml file:

sdl2_ttf = "0.21"

sdl2_ttf is directly compatible with the corresponding version of sdl2. Hence sdl2_ttf v0.15 is compatible with sdl2 0.15, and so forth. Backwards compatibility is not guaranteed by rust-sdl2, so take that into account when creating new projects !

If you want the newest rust-sdl2_ttf, reference the repository:

git = ""

You can also just clone and build the library yourself:

git clone
cd rust-sdl2_ttf
cargo build
# TODO: OR if you are using the mac framework version
rustc -L. --cfg mac_framework src/sdl2_ttf/

If you're not using Cargo, you can compile the library manually:

git clone
cd rust-sdl2_ttf
rustc src/sdl2_ttf/


A simple demo that prints out a string given a font is included:

cargo run --example demo /path/to/font.(ttf|ttc|fon)