sdl2_image 0.25.0

SDL2_image bindings and wrappers


Rust bindings for SDL2_image

NOTE: The 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 version of this crate are yanked because of #65! We are now using same x.y._ version number as sdl2. See sdl2_image/0.25.0.


Rust-SDL2_image is a library for talking to the new SDL2_image library from Rust.

Rust-SDL2_image uses the MIT license.




If you're using Cargo to manage your project, enter the following into your Cargo.toml file:

sdl2 = "0.25.0"
sdl2_image = "0.25.0"

Or, to reference this repository directly:

git = ""

Otherwise, clone this repo and run:

cargo build

If you're not using Cargo, you can compile manually:

git clone
cd rust-sdl2_image
rustc src/sdl2_image/
# OR if you are using the mac framework version
rustc --cfg mac_framework src/sdl2_image/


You'll find included with the library a simple demo that loads and displays a given image :

cargo run /path/to/some/image.(jpg|png)


rustc -L. src/demo/ -o demo
./demo image.(png|jpg)