screenruster-saver-hacks 0.2.0

XScreenSaver and XLock hacks.
screenruster-saver-hacks-0.2.0 is not a library.

ScreenRuster support for XScreenSaver and XLock

This saver provides support for using the plethora of existing screen savers from XScreenSaver and XLock as ScreenRuster savers.


If you want the minimal setup you can just add hacks in the ScreenRuster saver use, then it will automatically pickup your choices and settings from the file generated by xscreensaver-demo.

Otherwise you can specify various settings from the centralized configuration file.


An array containing the names of the hacks you want ScreenRuster to use.


Specific settings for the hack.

  • <name> = true will translate to -<name>
  • <name> = false will translate to -no-<name>
  • <name> = <value> will translate to -<name> <value>