salva3d 0.6.0

3-dimensional particle-based fluid dynamics in Rust.
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**Salva** is a 2 and 3-dimensional particle-based fluid simulation engine for games and animations.
It uses [nalgebra]( for vector/matrix math and can optionally interface with
[nphysics]( for two-way coupling with rigid bodies, multibodies, and deformable bodies.
2D and 3D implementations both share (mostly) the same code!

Examples are available in the `examples2d` and `examples3d` directories.  Because those demos are based on
WASM and WebGl 1.0 they should work on most modern browsers. Feel free to ask for help
and discuss features on the official [user forum](

## Why the name Salva?

The name of this library is inspired from the famous surrealist artist `Salvador Dalì`. The logo of `Salva`
is inspired from its renown painting [The Persistence of Memory](

## Features
- **Pressure resolution:** DFSPH and IISPH.
- **Viscosity:** DFSPH viscosity, Artificial viscosity, and XSPH viscosity.
- **Surface tension:** WCSPH surface tension, and methods from He et al. 2014 and Akinci et al. 2013
- **Elasticity:** method from Becker et al. 2009
- **Multiphase fluids**: mix several fluids with different characteristics (densities, viscosities, etc.)
- Optional **two-way coupling** with bodies from **nphysics**.
- **WASM** support