rust_poker 0.1.9

Rust poker library


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A poker library written in rust.

  • Multithreaded range vs range equity calculation
  • Fast hand evaluation
  • Efficient hand indexing


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

rust_poker = "0.1.9"

Note: The first build of an application using rust_poker will take extra time to generate the hand evaluation table

Hand Evaluator

Evaluates the strength of any poker hand using up to 7 cards.


use rust_poker::hand_evaluator::{Hand, CARDS, evaluate};
// cards are indexed 0->51 where index is 4 * rank + suit
let hand = Hand::empty() + CARDS[0] + CARDS[1];
let score = evaluate(&hand);
println!("score: {}", score);

Equity Calculator

Calculates the range vs range equities for up to 6 different ranges specified by equilab-like range strings.


use rust_poker::hand_range::{HandRange, get_card_mask};
use rust_poker::equity_calculator::calc_equity;
let ranges = HandRange::from_strings(["AK,22+".to_string(), "random".to_string()].to_vec());
let public_cards = get_card_mask("2h3d4c".to_string());
let n_games = 10000;
let n_threads = 4;
let equities = calc_equity(&ranges, public_cards, n_threads, n_games);
println!("player 1 equity: {}", equities[0]);


The hand evaluator and equity calculator library is a rust rewrite of zekyll's C++ equity calculator, OMPEval