rust_cast 0.8.1

Library that allows you to communicate with Google Cast enabled devices (e.g. Chromecast). failed to build rust_cast-0.8.1
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DNS TXT Record description

  • md - Model Name (e.g. "Chromecast");
  • id - UUID without hyphens of the particular device (e.g. xx12x3x456xx789xx01xx234x56789x0);
  • fn - Friendly Name of the device (e.g. "Living Room");
  • rs - Unknown (recent share???) (e.g. "Youtube TV");
  • bs - Uknonwn (e.g. "XX1XXX2X3456");
  • st - Unknown (e.g. "1");
  • ca - Unknown (e.g. "1234");
  • ic - Icon path (e.g. "/setup/icon.png");
  • ve - Version (e.g. "04").

Model names

  • Chromecast - Regular chromecast, supports video/audio;
  • Chromecast Audio - Chromecast Audio device, supports only audio.

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