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russimp russimp

Rust bindings for Assimp (


Russimp is a library for talking to the assimp library which enables you to read 3d models in different formats to a common structure. These bindings are based on assimp v5.0.1.

This is an ongoing work. I am working on it when I have time to spare.


You are very welcome to help with development, adding a feature, fixing a problem or just refactoring. Try to do it with tests =)

We need help to compile it on windows and on mac.

Make sure to run cargo fmt before creating a pull request.



You will need rust stable, cmake, C and C++ compiler as well.

How to use it?

Just call Scene::from_file with the filename and the flags you want. From the scene you will have access to the underlying structs.

let scene = Scene::from_file("myfile.blend",