runestick 0.3.0

The simple stack-based virtual machine.

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runestick, a simple stack-based virtual machine.


If you want to help out, there's a number of optimization tasks available in Future Optimizations.

Create an issue about the optimization you want to work on and communicate that you are working on it.

Features of runestick

  • Clean Rust FFI.
  • Stack-based C FFI like with Lua (TBD).
  • Stack frames, allowing for isolation across function calls.
  • A rust-like reference language called Rune.

Rune Scripts

runestick comes with a simple scripting language called Rune.

You can run example scripts through rune-cli:

cargo run -- ./scripts/hello_world.rn

If you want to see diagnostics of your unit, you can do:

cargo run -- ./scripts/hello_world.rn --dump-unit --trace