rsc_osrm 0.1.36

rust wrapper for osrm, folk from TehGoat/rs_osrm failed to build rsc_osrm-0.1.36
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License: MIT

Rust wrapper for osrm

Requeries that osrm's dependencies is installed

to link final binary, you need: 0. libosrm.a


How to use:

  1. Create an EngineConfig, pass path to .osrm file. You may change other settings, see osrm documentation.
  2. Create an Osrm via Osrm::new and pass in the config.
  3. Create a request object (ex: NearestRequest), recomended to always use ::new to get correct default values.
  4. Call run on the request object and pass in osrm.

Nearest example:

use rsc_osrm::{EngineConfig, Osrm, Algorithm, Status, route::RouteRequest, general::Coordinate};

fn main() {
    let mut config = EngineConfig::new("<path to your .osrm file>");
    config.use_shared_memory = false;
    config.algorithm = Algorithm::MLD;
    let osrm = Osrm::new(&mut config).unwrap();
    let coords = vec!(Coordinate{latitude:12.98657118,longitude:77.56644753}, Coordinate{latitude:12.97436012,longitude:77.62567071});
    let mut request = RouteRequest::new(&coords);
    let (status,result) =;
    match status{
        Status::Ok => {
            let route0 = &result.routes[0];
            println!("eta: {}, eda: {}, geometry: {}",route0.duration, route0.distance, (route0.geometry).as_ref().unwrap());
        _ => println!("call osrm failed"),