rocket_seek_stream 0.2.4

Rocket-rs responder to range requests using types that implement Read + Seek


A Rocket responder for types implementing the Read + Seek traits, such as files and std::io::Cursor, that will respond to range requests with a 206 Partial Content response. The Content-Type can optionally be inferred by taking a sample of bytes from the beginning of the stream, or given manually. An Accept-Ranges: bytes header will be sent in all responses to notify browsers that range requests are supported for the resource.

This supports both single and multipart/byterange requests.


Add this to your dependencies.

rocket_seek_stream = {git=""}


Serving a file from the disk

#![feature(proc_macro_hygiene, decl_macro)]
extern crate rocket;
use rocket_seek_stream::SeekStream;

fn home<'a>() -> std::io::Result<SeekStream<'a>> {
fn main() {
    .mount("/", routes![home])

Serving an in memory buffer

fn cursor<'a>() -> SeekStream<'a> {
    let bytes = &include_bytes!("./fly_me_to_the_moon.webm")[..];
    let len = bytes.len();
    let stream = std::io::Cursor::new(bytes);

    SeekStream::with_opts(stream, len as u64, "video/webm")

Use cargo run --example server to run the example. run examples/ to download the media it depends on using youtube-dl.


  • Write some tests

I've compared the output of the Golang stdlib http router's multipart response to what I output here and it looks about the same except for a small difference in whitespace.