ring-pwhash 0.1.1

A collection of password hashing functions, using *ring* cryptographic primitives
ring-pwhash-0.1.1 has been yanked.


A collection of password hashing functions, using ring cryptographic primitives


The ring library for Rust provides many high-performance cryptographic primitives, but does not implement any password hashing functions except PBKDF2.

This library implements password hashing algorithms based on ring's cryptographic primitives, serving as a "companion library" for applications that want to leverage ring as their one-and-only cryptography library, and also providing high-performance password hash implementations thanks to the speed of ring's core primitives.

Supported Algorithms

  • scrypt: Colin Percival's Salsa20/8+PBKDF2-based password hashing function

No other algorithms are supported at this time, although it'd be great to add additional algorithms! Argon2 and bcrypt are both good candidates. Pull Requests Accepted!


ring-pwhash is a fork of rust-crypto, and is dual licensed under the MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses, the same licenses as rust-crypto.