repofetch 0.3.0

Fetch details about your remote repository
repofetch-0.3.0 is not a library.

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Fetch details about your remote repository


NOTE This screenshot is only an example, and does not accurately represent output. This screenshot lacks ASCII art, some new stats, and some changes to how some stats are formatted.



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cargo install repofetch

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cargo install --git


The first time you execute repofetch, it will create a repofetch.yml file in your default config folder. You can edit this file to change repofetch's output.

You can find where repofetch.yml is saved by default by executing repofetch --help and viewing the help for the <config> option.

Config File Contents

  • emojis

    These configuration settings lets you control which emojis display for each stat


    created: 🎉
  • ascii

    This configuration setting lets you change the ASCII art that is displayed

  • labels

    This configuration setting lets you rename the labels used for certain stats


    good first issue: easy

    If you run repofetch multiple times in a short span of time, you may max out the amount of queries you can make to GitHub's search API. This will result in some stats being ???. If you set the GITHUB TOKEN config option to a personal access token, repofetch can use this value to query GitHub's search API more often.