redox_installer 0.2.7

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Redox OS installer

The Redox installer will allow you to produce a Redox OS image. You will be able to specify:

  • Output device (raw image, ISO, QEMU, VirtualBox, drive)
  • Filesystem
  • Included packages
  • Method of installation (from source, from binary)
  • User accounts

You will be prompted to install dependencies, based on your OS and method of installation. The easiest method is to install from binaries.


It is recommended to compile with cargo, in release mode:

cargo build --release

By default, you will be prompted to supply configuration options. You can use the scripted mode by supplying a configuration file:

cargo run --release -- config/example.toml

An example configuration can be found in config/example.toml. Unsuplied configuration will use the default. You can use the general.prompt setting to prompt when configuration is not set. Multiple configurations can be specified, they will be built in order.


The installer can also be used inside of other crates, as a library:

# Cargo.toml
redox_installer = "0.1"
// src/
extern crate redox_installer;

fn main() {    
    let mut config = redox_installer::Config::default();