rbatis-macro-driver 1.8.64

rbatis macro driver 高性能Rust ORM框架 宏系统支持
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rbatis macro driver

rbatis的过程宏项目,免去手写 impl CRUDEnable 接口的实现简化操作

use way,使用方法


#rbatis dep
rbatis = { path = "../" }
rbatis-core = { path = "../rbatis-core", features = ["all"] }
rbatis-macro-driver = { path = "../rbatis-macro-driver" }


extern crate rbatis_macro_driver;

///数据库表模型,支持BigDecimal ,DateTime ,rust基本类型(int,float,uint,string,Vec,Array)
/// CRUDEnable 特性会自动识别 id为表的id类型(识别String),自动识别结构体名称为蛇形命名的表名 biz_activity。没有id的表 请手动指定
#[derive(CRUDEnable, Serialize, Deserialize, Clone, Debug)]
pub struct BizActivity {
    pub id: Option<String>,
    pub name: Option<String>,
    pub pc_link: Option<String>,
    pub h5_link: Option<String>,
    pub pc_banner_img: Option<String>,
    pub h5_banner_img: Option<String>,
    pub sort: Option<String>,
    pub status: Option<i32>,
    pub remark: Option<String>,
    pub create_time: Option<NaiveDateTime>,
    pub version: Option<i32>,
    pub delete_flag: Option<i32>,

fn main() {
    async_std::task::block_on(async {
        fast_log::init_log("requests.log", 1000, log::Level::Info, None, true);
        let rb = Rbatis::new();
        let r = rb.fetch_by_id::<Option<BizActivity>>("", &"1".to_string()).await.unwrap();
        println!("{}", serde_json::to_string(&r).unwrap());