psalms 0.0.7

See `psalm` crate instead
psalms-0.0.7 is not a library.

The 30-Day Cycle of Psalms

See psalm crate instead. This one has been abandoned (for now).

Reading through the Psalms each month is a traditional Christian practice, and a good excuse to write a cli app in Rust.

Upon installing this crate from myself, I have learned it does not work unless you run it from its own root directory.

  • on my machine it is ~/.cargo/registry/src/
  • I plan to fix it this weekend

Okay just kidding, I probably won't fix it this weekend. (Pull requests are welcome but please remember I'm doing this in large part to learn).

This is a learning project. Also, it's a work in progress. The logic is in place for a (bad) first implementation but grunt work remains to be done.

psalms v0.0.?

Read the psalms according to the traditional 30-day cycle.

Spoiler Alert: It is the whole thing in a month (i.e. hard mode, a slog).

Daily Office Psalm Propers for the day will be displayed.

    psalms | less

Use of Psalms in the Daily Office

The recitation of the Psalms is central to daily worship throughout the whole of Christian Tradition. Anglicanism at the time of the Reformation established that the entire Psalter should be read in the Daily Office once each month, according to the pattern printed with this Lectionary. Contemporary practice sometimes lessens the number of the daily psalms, which practice is permissible as long as the entire Psalter is regularly read. For any day, the psalms appointed may be reduced in number according to local circumstance. If there is only one office, the psalms may be drawn from those appointed for Morning or Evening that Day. If a two month cycle of psalms is desired, the Morning psalms may be read in one month and the Evening psalms in the next. When there is a thirty-first day of the month, psalms from the Psalms of Ascents, Psalms 120 to 134, are used.

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