ps2-mouse 0.1.2

This crate provides basic access to a ps2 mouse in x86 environments.

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ps2 mouse

This crate provides a basic interface for interacting with a ps2 mouse.

Basic Example

use ps2_mouse::{Mouse, MouseState};
use spinning_top::Spinlock;
use x86_64::instructions::port::PortReadOnly;

pub static MOUSE: Lazy<Spinlock<Mouse>> = Lazy::new(|| Spinlock::new(Mouse::new()));

// Initialize the mouse and set the on complete event.
fn init_mouse() {

// This will be fired when a packet is finished being processed.
fn on_complete(mouse_state: MouseState) {
    println!("{:?}", mouse_state);

// An example interrupt based on The ps2 mouse is configured to fire
// interrupts at PIC offset 12.
extern "x86-interrupt" fn mouse_interrupt_handler(_stack_frame: &mut InterruptStackFrame) {
    let mut port = PortReadOnly::new(0x60);
    let packet = unsafe { };

    unsafe {