procs 0.4.0

A modern replacement for ps
procs-0.4.0 is not a library.


procs is a replacement for ps written by Rust.

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  • Output by the colored and human-readable format
  • Keyword search over multi-column
  • Some additional information (ex. TCP/UDP port, Read/Write throughput, Docker container name) which are not supported by ps
  • Pager support


Linux is supported only.


Download binary

Download from release page, and extract to the directory in PATH.


You can install by cargo.

cargo install procs


Show all processes

Type procs only. It shows the information of all processes.

$ procs


Search by non-numeric keyword

If you add any keyword as argument, it is matched to USER, Command, Docker by default.

$ procs zsh


Search by numeric keyword

If a numeric is used as the keyword, it is matched to PID, TCP, UDP by default. Numeric is treated as exact match, and non-numeric is treated as partial match by default.

$ procs 6000 60000 60001 16723


Note that procfs permissions only allow identifying listening ports for processes owned by the current user, so not all ports will show up unless run as root.

Show Docker container name

If you have access permission to docker daemon ( unix:///var/run/docker.sock ), Docker column is added.

$ procs growi



If output lines exceed terminal height, pager is used automatically. This behavior and pager command can be specified by configuration file.


You can change configuration by ~/.procs.toml like below. The complete example of ~/.procs.toml can be generated by --config option.

kind = "Pid"
style = "BrightYellow"
numeric_search = true
nonnumeric_search = false

kind = "Username"
style = "BrightGreen"
numeric_search = false
nonnumeric_search = true

header = "BrightWhite"
unit = "BrightWhite"

color_000 = "BrightBlue"
color_025 = "BrightGreen"
color_050 = "BrightYellow"
color_075 = "BrightRed"
color_100 = "BrightRed"

color_d = "BrightRed"
color_r = "BrightGreen"
color_s = "BrightBlue"
color_t = "BrightCyan"
color_z = "BrightMagenta"
color_x = "BrightMagenta"
color_k = "BrightYellow"
color_w = "BrightYellow"
color_p = "BrightYellow"

color_k = "BrightBlue"
color_m = "BrightGreen"
color_g = "BrightYellow"
color_t = "BrightRed"
color_p = "BrightRed"
color_x = "BrightBlue"

numeric_search = "Exact"
nonnumeric_search = "Partial"

show_self = false

column = 0
order = "Ascending"

path = "unix:///var/run/docker.sock"

mode = "Auto"

[[columns]] section

[[columns]] section defines which columns are used. The first [[columns]] is shown at left side, and the last is shown at right side. kind is column type and style is column color. numeric_search and nonnumeric_search mean whether this column can be matched by numeric/non-numeric search keyword. The available list of kind and style is below.

There are some special styles like ByPercentage, ByState, ByUnit. These are the styles for value-aware coloring. For example, if ByUnit is choosen, color can be specified for each unit of value ( like K, M, G,,, ). The colors can be configured in [style.by_unit] section.

kind list

procs kind ps STANDARD FORMAT
Command args
CpuTime cputime
Docker -not supported-
Nice ni
Pid pid
ReadBytes -not supported-
Separator -not supported-
StartTime start_time
State s
TcpPort -not supported-
Tty tty
UdpPort -not supported-
UsageCpu %cpu
UsageMem %mem
Username euser
VmRss rss
VmSize vsz
WriteByte -not supported-

style list

  • BrightRed
  • BrightGreen
  • BrightYellow
  • BrightBlue
  • BrightMagenta
  • BrightCyan
  • BrightWhite
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Magenta
  • Cyan
  • White
  • ByPercentage
  • ByState
  • ByUnit

[style] section

[style] section defines colors of header and unit line. The available list of color is below.

color list

  • BrightRed
  • BrightGreen
  • BrightYellow
  • BrightBlue
  • BrightMagenta
  • BrightCyan
  • BrightWhite
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Magenta
  • Cyan
  • White

[style.by_*] section

[style.by_*] section defines colors of special styles like ByPercentage, ByState, ByUnit. The available list of color is the same as the list of [style] section.

[search] section

[search] section defines match policy. Policy can be Exact or Partial.

[display] section

[display] section defines option for display. show_self means whether the self ( procs ) process is shown.

[sort] section

[sort] section defines the column used for sort and sort order. If column is 0, value is sorted by left column. order can be Ascending or Descending.

[docker] section

[docker] section defines how to communicate to docker daemon. path means UNIX domain socket to docker daemon.

[pager] section

[pager] section defines the behavior of pager. mode can be Auto, Always or Disable. If Auto, pager is used only when output lines exceed terminal height. Pager command is choosen by PAGER environment variable, but you can specify pager comand like below:

mode = "Auto"
command = "less"