pretty-hex 0.1.1

Pretty hex dump of bytes slice in the common style.


A Rust library prividing pretty hex dump.

A simple_* way renders one-line hex dump, and a pretty_* wayrenders columned multy-line hex dump with addresing and ASCII representation.

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Example of simple_hex

use pretty_hex::*;

let v = vec![222, 173, 190, 239, 202, 254, 32, 24];
assert_eq!(simple_hex(&v), format!("{}", v.hex_dump()));

println!("{}", v.hex_dump());


de ad be ef  ca fe 20 18

Example of pretty_hex

use pretty_hex::*;

let v: &[u8] = &random::<[u8;30]>();
assert_eq!(pretty_hex(&v), format!("{:?}", v.hex_dump()));

println!("{:?}", v.hex_dump());


Length: 30 (0x1e) bytes
0000:   6b 4e 1a c3  af 03 d2 1e  7e 73 ba c8  bd 84 0f 83   kN......~s......
0010:   89 d5 cf 90  23 67 4b 48  db b1 bc 35  bf ee         ....#gKH...5..

Inspired by haskell's pretty-hex.