portaudio 0.6.1

PortAudio bindings for Rust.
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PortAudio bindings for Rust

PortAudio provides a uniform application programming interface (API) across all supported platforms. You can think of the PortAudio library as a wrapper that converts calls to the PortAudio API into calls to platform-specific native audio APIs. Operating systems often offer more than one native audio API and some APIs (such as JACK) may be available on multiple target operating systems. PortAudio supports all the major native audio APIs on each supported platform.


rust-portaudio's build script will check to see if you have already installed PortAudio on your system. If not, it will attempt to automatically download and install it for you. If this fails, please let us know by posting an issue at [our github repository] (https://github.com/jeremyletang/rust-portaudio).

If you'd prefer to install it manually, you can download it directly from the website: PortAudio.


Add rust-portaudio to your project by adding the dependency to your Cargo.toml as follows:

portaudio = "*"