pg_jq 0.0.4

A PostgreSQL extension to expose libjq as a basic function. Not recommended for real usage. It is a toy. failed to build pg_jq-0.0.4
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This is a toy PostgreSQL extension that exposes basic libjq functionality to PostgreSQL.

Do not use for anything series. It might crash your DB server. You have been warned.

This "project" depends on the amazing pgx project.

To compile you must have libjq installed, often it is installed by installing jq itself. Use your favorite package manager to install it.

If your package manager installs things outside of the default search paths for your default compiler toolchain you'll need to tell the jq crates where to find the libraries using the enviornment variable JQ_LIB_DIR. For example on macOS using MacPorts one would use JQ_LIB_DIR=/opt/local/lib.

Reference the pgx documentation for information how to work with extensions using pgx. Its documentation is really good.

Installation Notes

This is purposefully empty. I don't want anyone to attempt to use this terrible thing in a real environment.