path_macro 1.0.0

A macro to join path components using `/`


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This library provides path!, a macro to join path components using /.

path_macro = "1.0"


Python's pathlib.Path provides an egonomic API for composing paths out of path components by overloading the division operator:

$ python3
>>> from pathlib import Path
>>> p = Path('a')
>>> q = p / 'b' / 'c'
>>> q

The path! macro provides a similar API for Rust paths without having to overload Path or PathBuf.

use std::path::Path;

use path_macro::path;

fn main() {
    let p = path!(Path::new("a") / "x" / "y" / "z");

    assert_eq!(p, Path::new("a/x/y/z"));

    assert_eq!(p, Path::new("a\\x\\y\\z"));

Prior Art

In rust-lang/rust#62989, the idea of implementing Div for Path and PathBuf was sidestepped by pointing out that the path! macro existed in dtolnay/trybuild:src/ In dtolnay/trybuild#46, the library author expressed a lack of interest in pulling out the macro into a standalone crate and encouraged others to do it. This crate is that.