parry2d 0.3.0

2 dimensional collision detection library in Rust.

What is Parry?

Parry is a set 2 and 3-dimensional geometric and collision detection libraries. These libraries are parry2d, parry3d, parry2d-f64, and parry3d-f64. They are written with the Rust programming language, by the Dimforge organization. It is forever free and open-source!


This year, Parry does not have a dedicated roadmap. So our goal right now is to add to Parry whatever is needed for our Rapier physics engine to complete its own 2021 roadmap. We regularly give updates about our progress on our blog.

Resources and discussions

  • Dimforge: See all the open-source projects we are working on! Follow our announcements on our blog.
  • User guide: (WIP) Learn to use Rapier in your project by reading the official User Guide.
  • Discord: Come chat with us, get help, suggest features, on Discord!

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