parameterized 0.2.0

Procedural macro which brings a compact parameterized testing implementation to Rust (inspired by JUnit @ParameterizedTest)
Build #262925 2020-06-20T17:25:31.278367+00:00
# rustc version
rustc 1.46.0-nightly (449e8eaa2 2020-06-10)
# version
docsrs 0.6.0 (5b2fdf4 2020-06-19)

# build log
[INFO] running `Command { std: "docker" "create" "-v" "/home/cratesfyi/workspace/builds/parameterized-0.2.0/target:/opt/rustwide/target:rw,Z" "-v" "/home/cratesfyi/workspace/builds/parameterized-0.2.0/source:/opt/rustwide/workdir:ro,Z" "-v" "/home/cratesfyi/workspace/cargo-home:/opt/rustwide/cargo-home:ro,Z" "-v" "/home/cratesfyi/workspace/rustup-home:/opt/rustwide/rustup-home:ro,Z" "-e" "SOURCE_DIR=/opt/rustwide/workdir" "-e" "MAP_USER_ID=1001" "-e" "CARGO_TARGET_DIR=/opt/rustwide/target" "-e" "RUSTFLAGS=" "-e" "RUSTDOCFLAGS=-Z unstable-options --resource-suffix -20200610-1.46.0-nightly-449e8eaa2 --static-root-path / --cap-lints warn --extern-html-root-url parameterized_macro=" "-e" "CARGO_HOME=/opt/rustwide/cargo-home" "-e" "RUSTUP_HOME=/opt/rustwide/rustup-home" "-w" "/opt/rustwide/workdir" "-m" "3221225472" "--cpus" "2" "--network" "none" "rustops/crates-build-env" "/opt/rustwide/cargo-home/bin/cargo" "+nightly-2020-06-11" "doc" "--lib" "--no-deps" "-j2", kill_on_drop: false }`
[INFO] [stdout] f6aeaa6beb18884c307d1c708ce5f06a40a5107e3e2c3b5eba5249202fd8b646
[INFO] [stderr] WARNING: Your kernel does not support swap limit capabilities or the cgroup is not mounted. Memory limited without swap.
[INFO] running `Command { std: "docker" "start" "-a" "f6aeaa6beb18884c307d1c708ce5f06a40a5107e3e2c3b5eba5249202fd8b646", kill_on_drop: false }`
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling proc-macro2 v1.0.18
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling unicode-xid v0.2.0
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling syn v1.0.31
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling linked-hash-map v0.5.3
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling quote v1.0.7
[INFO] [stderr]    Compiling parameterized-macro v0.2.0
[INFO] [stderr]  Documenting parameterized v0.2.0 (/opt/rustwide/workdir)
[INFO] [stderr] warning: `[test]` cannot be resolved, ignoring it.
[INFO] [stderr]  --> src/
[INFO] [stderr]   |
[INFO] [stderr] 6 | /// marked as cfg(test) (or a #[test] function for that matter) in Intellij.
[INFO] [stderr]   |                                 ^^^^ cannot be resolved, ignoring
[INFO] [stderr]   |
[INFO] [stderr]   = note: `#[warn(intra_doc_link_resolution_failure)]` on by default
[INFO] [stderr]   = help: to escape `[` and `]` characters, just add '\' before them like `\[` or `\]`
[INFO] [stderr] 
[INFO] [stderr] warning: 1 warning emitted
[INFO] [stderr] 
[INFO] [stderr]     Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 15.68s
[INFO] running `Command { std: "docker" "inspect" "f6aeaa6beb18884c307d1c708ce5f06a40a5107e3e2c3b5eba5249202fd8b646", kill_on_drop: false }`
[INFO] running `Command { std: "docker" "rm" "-f" "f6aeaa6beb18884c307d1c708ce5f06a40a5107e3e2c3b5eba5249202fd8b646", kill_on_drop: false }`
[INFO] [stdout] f6aeaa6beb18884c307d1c708ce5f06a40a5107e3e2c3b5eba5249202fd8b646